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What does skincare mean to you? Is it an everyday duty or maybe a beauty ritual inscribed in your day?

Everybody talks about skincare or products to use in daily skincare routine, while the brands take part in the ‘rat race’ to deliver advanced formulas and natural ingredients. The trend of health-conscious lifestyle is on its increase, therefore the awareness regarding skin needs grows as well. The market overflows with extraordinary products providing the opportunity to reach out for the best. Since skincare means a world to you, INGLOT Lab offers a bit more than just an ordinary product range.

Treat your daily skincare routine as a pleasant beauty ritual not a duty and pamper yourself with INGLOT Lab line.

The latest technologies combined with the highest quality raw materials and the experience of our experts, led us to the creation of this bestselling line.

For several years, we have been doing research dedicated to the innovative formulas that win the hearts of our customers. So far, the INGLOT Lab series includes serums, creams and oils, so adored by the customers. Each product has been carefully designed, considering the needs and expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Do not hesitate – check INGLOT Lab for yourself!


If you feel either the taut skin effect on your face, or even its colour leaves a lot to be desired, it is high time to focus on skincare products you use.

Almost every day we are exposed to the adverse influence of many external factors, which have a negative influence on our skin condition. The polluted air, hard water, or even cosmetics that are chosen in the improper way (skincare requirements) are the most common reasons of complexion problems.

In order to meet even the most demanding skincare requirements, INGLOT created the highest quality products based on natural ingredients, that will take proper care of your skin condition.


Immerse yourself in the depth of the ocean with INGLOT Hydrating Day Serum and its luxurious marine extracts. Enriched with first-rate ingredients including a microalgae complex and black pearl extract, this serum provides long lasting skin hydration. Peptides and hyaluronic acid visually improve skin elasticity and flexibility. Buddleja davidii, also called butterfly bush, cares for the natural protection against external factors. The unique exopolysaccharide of marine origin optically tightens the skin and diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. On top of that, your skin is filled with beneficial properties of Vitamin C, E, F complex.

Recommended for daily use to hydrate skin, which can increase smoothness and comfort as well as minimize signs of skin aging.


Take a trip around wild mountain ranges with INGLOT Revitalizing Night Serum and ingredients from high altitude, that leave the feeling of intense regeneration. An exclusive edelweiss extract helps to firm the skin and visually smooths fine lines and wrinkles, even in delicate under-eye areas. Peptides and hyaluronic acid visually improve skin elasticity and flexibility. The unique exopolysaccharide of marine origin optically tightens your skin and diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin E enrich the product with antioxidant properties. A nutritious argan oil visibly hydrates the skin and leaves it with a subtle, soft feeling.

Recommended for nightly usage to visibly improve skin look and increase the feeling of comfort and hydration.


Say hello to radiant and bright skin. Start your care journey and choose cream created to meet individual needs of the skin, preconditioned by lifestyle or external factors, which we have to face every day.

#Ultimate Day Protection protects the skin from the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones. Tsubaki oil, algae complex and cherry seed oil, delay the aging process, ensuring an adequate level of hydration.

#Evermatte Day Protection enriched with extract from entantia chlorantha and apricot kernel oil keeps the sebum secretion under control and visibly narrows the enlarged pores. Coconut oil strengthens the protective barrier and prevents against excessive water loss.

#Intense Night Recovery takes care of the skin while you sleep. Softly firming the skin the cream also leaves the effect of long-lasting hydration. The rich composition of carefully chosen ingredients, including strawberry and chia seed oils, significantly reduces the visibility of wrinkles. By improving hydration and elasticity, the signs of skin aging are minimized.

INGLOT LAB series offers an unique opportunity to combine all skincare products together. The collection of creams perfectly harmonizes with oils and serum, already available in our stores and online. You can compose and mix these products to achieve the best skin care benefits.

Effective skin care requires consistency. Remember that only daily use of skincare products, created to meet the needs of your skin, will give you the right effect. A very important element of daily care is also makeup removal. Remove your makeup carefully and let your skin breathe freely, especially during sleep.

Take care of small daily rituals to enjoy a beautiful and radiant complexion.


Oils are one of the basic elements of daily facial skincare. They may function in a similar way to creams or enhance the effect of other cosmetics. Discover the power of natural oils and find your perfect skin match.

As little as a drop is needed to boost your daily skincare routine for long lasting benefits. Regardless the type, your skin requires exceptional care including well controlled pH level, hydration, improved elasticity, flexibility or its tension and with a daily dose of INGLOT Lab face oils it cannot be any easier. The series consists of three types of face oils looking forward to meeting your skincare expectations, considering individual needs. Each oil contains a combination of tsubaki, cottonseed, jojoba and rosemary oils, which are further enriched with a variety of additional oils to individualise the offering and meet specific skincare needs.

Sunrise Drop Face Oil

Inspired by morning freshness, Sunrise Drop Face Oil will awaken your skin, filling it with renewed energy. The inclusion of jojoba oil keeps your sebum secretion under control, while the presence of fruit oils such as cherry kernel and alpine apple oils leaves your skin silky soft and smooth throughout the day.

Spotlight Drop Face Oil

There is nothing better than a wonderful feeling of regenerated skin with minimum effort. City life and pollution can have a negative influence on your skin, but now thanks to Spotlight Drop Face Oil, this can be rectified. This special formula is enriched with argan oil for the ultimate protection against external factors, while apricot kernel oil minimizes enlarged pores.

Dream Drop Face Oil

Pursuing your dream of perfectly smooth and wrinkle-free skin will be easier with Dream Drop Face Oil. Strawberry and chia oils assist in slowing down skin aging process. With the additional influence of Vitamin C, your skin becomes illuminated, while the undesired discolourations become brighter.

Take care of your skin every day!


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